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Chromix 2019-11-16 09:39:09
The description is incorrect. It doesn't operate on 6V but on 4.5V as it holds 3 AA batteries. It however also works perfectly fine with rechargeable batteries, despite just reaching 3.6V. I recommend using rechargeables as the idle power consumption is quite high: "Off": 0.3 mAh On: 0.45 mAh - that's about 330 mA per month! Pumping: 450 mAh - which doesn't matter. So if you have cheap batteries you need to change them every 2 to 3 months latest. Good batteries will probably last for half a year, which is great. It doesn't really matter whether you wash your hands one or 10 times per day. Doing so barely consumes any power during the one or two seconds that it pumps for. The majority of the power consumption (even when switched off) comes from the idle device. My liquid soap is rather creamy and not like a thin fluid at all. So I needed to mix water:soap 4:1 to get nice foam. Before that the dispenser only made big empty bubbles.
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