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RStubbs 12/02/2023
The IP Camera does the security job as described. If you want a better camera then you pay more for it. I bought 3 cameras for about the price you would normally pay for 1 better quality security camera. There is a very good Youtube video showing how to setup the cameras on your guest 2.4GHz network (type vi365 on google). My main problem is with the VI365 software. The images have a purple / red hue caused by the cameras auto white balance over compensating the blue / red. VI365 appears not to have an option to turn off the auto white balance and manually adjust the blue / red settings. As an aside the antenna is printed on the pcb board and not the things that look like antennas, as they are just plastic witch accounts for the limited range of the cameras. There is no battery and you need to provide a 5 volt 1 amp plug-pack and a max 32GB SD card.
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  • Kirknadian Ihave a 5MP version but I didn't know the plastic antennas were fake. That explains why it kept cutting out even after I put the rotor as close as I possibly could. It ran that way for 2 years then I connected it with an ethernet cable and I was amazed at how much better it worked. I wish I had done that in the first place.

    Reponder 15/05/2024
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