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BG101520733 24/08/2021
Excellent product which I have purchased and used on previous occasions. The unit comes well packed for shipping and in it’s own box. In the box is the charge controller and a manual which gives installation and configuration instructions in English and Chinese. A diagram of the controller gives clear instructions on how the solar panel input, battery and load output are connected via paired (plus/minus) screw terminals. The controller can be configured via the display and selection buttons. The display is large enough to be read without glasses for most however it is not illuminated so will require an external light source to be read in a dark environment. The controller supports the display of battery voltage, solar panel charge current, load discharge current, accumulated discharge power and accumulated charging power. The controller supports the configuration of battery high voltage disconnection, low voltage disconnection, low voltage re-connection and a load working mode which allows the user to turn the output load off ‘x’ hours after sunset or run the load 24 hours a day. As far as battery types the controller is quite flexible as the high voltage disconnection and low voltage disconnection and fully configurable within the bounds of your system (that is 12 volts or 24 volts). The controller ordered was 100 amp model. The manual for this controller stipulates that it can charge 60 amp to the battery and 30 amp to the load at the same time which only adds up to 90 amps but I guess there must be some leeway for internal currents. Conveniently the controller comes with two USB outputs. These are low amperage outputs. One important thing to remember is to make sure you connect the battery to the controller before solar input and load output and make sure that the battery / batteries you are connecting are reasonably charged. The reason for this is that the controller will sense the battery voltage and set itself up for a 12 volt or 24 volt system.
Comentarios (5)
  • ATWAL Karan Will it charge lithium batteries on 3s,im assuming it's 12.6v

    Reponder 12/10/2021
  • SandyMan69 @ATWAL Karan As long as your lithium battery is reasonably charged to around 12v when you connect it the controller will assume that it is a 12v system. You can then change the high voltage charge cutoff and low voltage load disconnect to suit you battery's parameters via the display and configuration buttons. In saying that you might have a problem with a 3s battery because I just checked and the minimum charge voltage cutoff is 13v while the minimum low voltage load cutoff is 10v. Those voltages would not be ideal for your battery. If you 3s battery had a reasonable BMS then the 13v max probably would not matter as the battery would disconnect on it's own at around 12.6v but the min load cutoff means your not going to get 100% from the battery maybe that will be good for longevity of cycles though.

    Reponder 20/10/2021
  • SandyMan69 @ATWAL Karan Actually now I think about it I'm not sure how the controller will react to a 3s battery with BMS. You may find you need to charge the battery in parallel with a standard lead acid or the BMS will confuse the solar charge controller. I have a 12v lifepo4 battery 50AH and do have the solar charge controller connected but find that on occasions the BMS on that battery will stop the solar charge controller from fully charging the battery unless I connect a lead acid battery in parallel when charging.

    Reponder 20/10/2021
  • BG453716171 hi does it do lithium battery

    Reponder 29/10/2021
  • SandyMan69 @BG453716171 It can do lithium batteries that have their own BMS. You can adjust the maximum and minimum voltages from the user interface LCD via the buttons on the controller.

    Reponder 25/11/2021
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