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DrMichael 12/08/2022
Well packaged, received in good condition and pretty good delivery time (16 calendar days from order). I like to keep a few WS2812s in stock in my hobbyist electronics lab so some are always to hand when I am prototyping circuits. They are a bit tricky to use on the software side, because the necessary timing is quite critical (and the available libraries are mainly geared up to special effects). Still, none of that is insurmountable and they are a lot of fun to ply with.
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  • BG344213471 I found them rather easy to program but you definitely have a point thought because there are some variations of these LEDs that looks identical at a first glance but they've got slightly different timings and they're kind of tight on your average MCU so make sure you get the right datasheet. They're so-so but for an engrish datasheet and the simplicity of the protocol they're good enough, if they bother to actually mention which model it applies to. Having read through the timings for different models there is a common timing scheme that seems to work on most devices. The reset time varies and is not very accurate in regards to actual use (they might say 50 ms when 8 ms is plenty, or maybe it was micros but regardless... it's a bit of trial and error of you're writing your own code but it's not that time consuming, just a few tweaks here and there and they'll happily cause temporary blindness if you're not aware of how bright these things can be).

    Reponder 01/11/2022
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