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deepblue 12/04/2021
This is the ideal yarn that I used decades ago to professionally wrap pins on electronic boards on old computers. A few years later the rest of the wire to wrap that I still had allowed me to create the PCB with double sided pads but by soldering them which allowed me to make several very fine strands along the tracks, and insulated of course. Several colors ... it goes without saying that it is easier to control the assemblies or to isolate the parts of a circuit by using a color for each different zone. This wire is very fine and I also use it to repair cut or burnt tracks on broken PCBs. It can be used as is, isolated, or stripped to reinforce a track by welding it along its entire length. I doubled the order because 2 coils were insufficient, a third one was needed ... This is the ideal wire to modify an existing PCB or add a function not originally planned, to avoid the total, go through the tracing software circuit, perchloride etc ... and a lot of time wasted before seeing the result ...
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