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miklos2 2020-04-27 03:58:54
The multimeter works with A23 or A27 12V battery which has almost same price as Aneng Mini. It work saccurately with 6,00V too. The consumption in DC-AC mode 0,44mA (6V 0,38mA). Continuity mode 3,35mA (6V 3,28mA), with Si diode 4,48mA (6V 4,42mA), short circuit (beep) 25mA. The measuring voltage is 2,99V but, cannot measure any color of LED. In hFE mode idle 0,44mA, with transistor 3,55mA (6V 0,38mA and 3,44mA) DC input resistance 1MOhm, accuracy 0,3% (Fluke 515A calibrator). 100V 400Hz (AC 200V range) 99,2V reading), resistance accuracy -1%. 2000 microA range has 100Ohm shunt, 2mA has 12Ohm. The Battery test modes readings are in mA-s and not voltages. At 9V 25mA is a 360Ohm resistor and at 1,5V 40mA is a 39Ohm resistor. It weighs 47,7g with A27 battery, and the two measuring cables are 22,5g. The rotary switch has good quality. There is a lot of space under the back plate (5-6mm) so you can find some alternative battery solution instead of the 12V.
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