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Eric 2018-12-20 13:35:33
This photo give viewers an actual side by side comparison of two of the longest throwing flash lights of 2018. Astrolux MF04, and BLF GT. Both are natural white tint. Other photos don't show both at the same time, or they are done at too short of a distance for thrower flashlights. My side-by-side tests go out to 1.93 miles or 3110 meters. Check out the photo, and then go out and buy one of these great flashlights!
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  • Darren I have both blf GT and GT70. Actually love the 70 more than the GT. Is the MF04 noticeably better to the naked eye? Contemplating a cool white version to get full lightsaber to wow non flashaholics. Appreciate the side by side pics by the way.

    Reponder 2019-04-08 21:42:05
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