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  • 2020-05-05 13:54:29

    I have tested each attenuation 0 dB (reference), 10 dB, 20 dB and 30 dB with my calibrated VNA HP 8753D (30kHz to 6GHz) and all was in tolerance from 30 kHz to 4 GHz (I have done measurement up to 6 GHz) except the 20dB attenuation which was out of expected tolerance from 3.1GHz up to 4GHz or more. => Frequency 3.1 GHz, S21 Gain -18.8 dB, Delta dB of +1.2 dB when it was expected to be +/-1.1 dB => Frequency 4 GHz, S21 Gain -18.2 dB, Delta dB of +1.8 dB when it was expected to be +/-1.1 dB =>

  • pthalin
    2020-10-16 03:12:52

    Haven't tried yet but it looks nice and well built.

  • maumog
    2020-02-04 12:59:52

    abbastanza buoni ...

  • RudyO
    2019-07-07 03:33:24

    Top quality attenuator !! Recommended !!

  • JReis
    2017-10-25 13:13:53

    I needed to attenuate a high power signal. It worked very well.

  • Fred
    2020-10-07 09:36:35

    I ordered thes for calibration of the LTDZ 35-4400M spectrum analyser. Noticed however that the analyzer needs a 40dB attenuator. The ordered attenuators are however useful for many other applications. seem to be OK quality (at least for me). The came very fast; only 2 weeks. I have seen the same parts cheaper on other sites, but then you need to wait for up to 2 months!

  • 2020-07-01 08:52:43

    It seems to be reasonably well made but the use of female sma sockets all round reduces its value for money since this forces you in most cases to use at least one back to back male sma barrel adapter. It would have been a far better product if they'd substituted half of those female sockets with sma pcb edge mount male plugs. JBG

  • OE1CGS
    2019-11-20 03:34:39

    Gute Qualität zu einem gutem Preis! Ich habe die SMA Buchsen zusätzlich mit der Unterseite der Platine verlötet, um noch besseren Halt zu garantieren, ist aber nicht unbedingt nötig. Die Impedanzen sind in einem engen Bereich (+/- 1 Ohm) um 50 Ohm.

  • 2020-05-14 10:53:37

    Par des mesures indirectes j'ai pu vérifier que les atténuations correspondent aux valeurs indiquées sur la plage 1MHz à 150 MHz. Convient pour mon usage.

  • 2019-11-18 09:25:56

    I separated the four attenuators by cutting the printed circuit board. The 0dB attenuator was modified to a DC block by cutting the inner conductor and bridging it with an SMD capacitor (0.1uF). Works perfectly.


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