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  • 09/11/2020

    El producto que pedí , no estaba en stock.. Así que tuve que cambiarlo mediante la contratación de ellos.. Después de que me dieron el artículo... y es impresionante ...funciona bien

  • 21/12/2015

    when the soldering tip is burnt, the tin does not adhere to it, and makes little bubbles instead. I have put the hot soldering tip into the cream for 2 to 3 seconds and it turned to life again: the tin was adhering correctly to the tip, allowing for a good heath transmission to the 2 contacts through the tin itself, and soldering was easy again. I strongly recommend this product

  • 26/06/2015

    El producto parece funcionar correctamente. Falta por ver la duración de un bote. El envase no es del todo correcto ya que, aunque de cristal grueso y con doble sistema de tapón (presión + rosca), dispone de una boca más pequeña que el cuerpo del envase y esto provoca que el producto no se pueda aprovechar al 100%. De los 5 grs hay que contar 4 útiles. Sería preferible una lata plana como siempre se ha utilizado en este tipo de producto. El embalaje del envío, justito, pero llegó bien.

  • 15/05/2016

    I have used Weller tip activator which is really good and I was surprised this one although different type is still very effective even at that low price. Definitely a good investment.

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  • 17/02/2019

    Иногда, когда нужно залудить очень тонкие провода или smd компоненты, эта паста очень выручает, но старайтесь не вдыхать пары, они очень вредны для здоровья. Хранить лучше в холодильнике.

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  • 01/01/2017

    Отличный продукт для залуживания жал!Справляется с самыми конченными жалами!Использую в основном для жал т12 чтобы не испортить покрытие кончика ,справляется на ура!

  • 26/10/2015

    Cream? IMHO it's a sort of granulate or whatever. Nevertheless it's working perfect. Heat up your iron, not too hot, and dip it receive a perfect new tip. It's not really cheap but very pricy. Compared to other companies who sell this too it's cheap;) Another incredible bang for our bucks...

  • 11/05/2015

    Got mine today and tried it out instantly. Quality is amazing, better than what you get here in stores. Did a third run with my soldering iron and the tip is still shiny. Only downside is the value-for-money. You get only a tiny amount of tin in an overly thick pot. Overall, great buy though. Check pictures for more

  • 26/12/2014

    Tins solder tips really well. Didn't really know what this what or how well it worked, but order it and watched a youtube vide to see how to use it (sad I know) but I am still new to the soldering thing. Basically heat up you iron, dip in the tip and it cleans and tins your tip. no cleaning neeeded if you don't put too much on. Excellent

  • 15/10/2014

    I received it today, and start refreshing my 4 solder tips. It works well, all my tips are shiny again and work as they should be. 1 tip was badly oxidized, the other was mildly oxidized. 2 tips can't even be tinned. Now it can. Only thing is no instruction of using the cream.


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