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Tóni_Woodwork 22/01/2021
Arrived on time, securely wrapped in foam and cardboard. Assembly - the first time for myself, with my big thumbs - it took 2 hours, everything flat and square. Printing works well. The steppers and drivers are quiet, the fans on the extruder are noisy a bit, might upgrade them later on for silent ones. Overall happy with the purchase.
Comentarios (2)
  • BG371025643 how do you know when ther is enough tension n the belts

    Reponder 05/03/2021
  • Tóni_Woodwork @BG371025643 1 you can check with your fingertip by applying light pressure vertically on the belt,
    2 move the x or y axis from the menu, let say 1 or 0,1 mm, measure the movement of the plate /hot end with a caliper
    3 visually - if there are blobs of uneven layers vertically in your print, you have backlash caused by loose belts.
    be aware to not tighten the belts to much.

    Reponder 06/03/2021
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