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deepblue 07/04/2021
Traduction de texte Texte source 988 / 5000 Résultats de traduction incredible this little bluetooth MP3 player. A surprising sound quality on 2 small 3w loudspeakers also purchased on the Banggood site. This is my 3rd module in silver color and I bought 4 others in black color. There is one in every room of my workshop! J had bought in parallel small 10W stereo amps but they are useless for my use. I prefer to multiply the number of modules rather than silencing the sound too loudly with the amps. These modules can be accommodated anywhere given their small sizes. The speakers are connected directly to the back of the module, just solder the antenna for the good quality FM radio, but it is the bluetooth function that I appreciate the most. There are 2 in the photos, the third is already installed in a small tube amp and again, the sound is surprising. They are supplied with 12V on this module. There is a 5V step-down regulator for connoisseurs who would like to supply only under 5V
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  • attistandard Iwant to ask if you are absolutely sure that the FM radio stations are coming in stereo on the wired output ??

    Reponder 29/08/2021
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