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Sérgio Brunner 04/06/2020
I've received CW propeller instead of CCW that I've ordered. The "R" on model numbes stands from "reverse " pusher props that are meant for pusher airplane. Aircraft with front "nose" mounted propellers use normal CCW props.
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  • getsoutthere The diagram probably throws a lot of people off. The convention for naming the direction of rotation is from the pilot's seat. "Clockwise" (CW) and "Counterclockwise" (CCW) refer to how the props rotate as viewed from the pilot's seat. The diagram should be an instrument panel and a propeller in front, the way the rest of the world does it.

    Reponder 27/10/2020
  • BG951533325 @getsoutthere Thankyou for spelling this out. It makes sense to me now and clarifies the diagram shown in the listing.

    Reponder 25/12/2020
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