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garywatson 2018-12-19 08:19:24
I have Assembled 3 Of these Clocks 2 Green , 1 Blue . I really Enjoyed Assembling these Kits It Make the Time go By While Having fun .... However I never noticed That The instructions have a slight Misprint on them . On Page 2 Where the Parts are listed and the Place it shows to Install them It says that R48 is 1.5K But if you look directly Below that to the Next line It also Says R48 10K . I also Looked at the Picture part and it shows the 1.5K On R49 And I do Not see in the list where R49 Is even listed ? My suggestion Would be to go with the Picture On this part ... I also Give 5 Star on the printed Instructions They are very nicely done and easy to follow ... I have seen several videos on the build of this clock And some of them shows to install the Micro processor first . This would be a very bad mistake as it can get damaged while installing the others parts . I would install all the smaller parts first like resistors Etc. And Leave the processor for last or next to last .
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  • und1974 Thefirst reference to R48 as a 1.5k is a typo. It should show R49 as the 1.5k and, the reference to R48 on the next line, as a 10K is correct. It is a 10K.

    Reponder 2019-10-24 10:58:34
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