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dnhoshor 17/10/2017
The kit is easy to assemble, but somewhat pointless. There are four resistors included in the kit, but the kit itself only needs one, a 47 ohm resistor. The others are included for "practice". The device that looks like a transistor is a YX8115 LED driver chip that allows powering the LED with less than 1 volt, basically a dead AAA battery. White LED's normally use about 3 volts. I was hoping the circuit would be a true "Joule thief" with discrete components. The battery terminals are difficult to install because there's no way to orient the terminals easily. I used a dab of clay to hold them in play while I was soldering the connections.
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  • PatrynXX nicepix. wish they'd use yours instead. As if those weren't hard enough (clay.. nice idea I like that. gonna have to find some . not sure gum would work) the switch is like embarrassing on this board. Snapped right off and the red button shot the other way. When all I need is to take that LED shove a fat coin cell down the middle of it and I have a 3 Volt LED. X_X waste of a big fat juice LED.. but oh well...

    Reponder 16/02/2019
  • vk4xmh Agood way to learn how things work.
    I did have to remember about "Andy and Cathy"
    A good KIT takes me back to Dick Smith day's...

    Reponder 02/02/2021
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