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  • 13/11/2020

    El paquete llegó en una semana (4 días hábiles) ordenó 07.11 el sábado, y llegó a 13.11 el viernes, con el feriado en la mitad del 11 de noviembre. Gafas en general fresco, recomendaría altamente, aunque tuve un tiempo difícil la captura de una visión, pero funcionó. Hay un problema serio, las gafas que tengo con el joystick roto del DVR. Tengo que arreglar esto de alguna manera. Tal vez pueda meter un tornillo o un tornillo en este lugar. Las gafas entran sin antenas y sin aku.

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  • 07/08/2018

    I'm one of the lucky few to get the first production batch of this goggles. Very pleased to see that Eachine has taken note of Joshua's and Steward's pre-production reviews comments and corrected the issues. The EV200D now shows the FULL video image as recorded by the camera, I can see clearly all the text in the goggles even after placing all the OSD elements at the extreme edge of the BF setup screen, its tight at the left and right side but visible after adjusting the IPD. They are the most comfortable FPV goggles I have tried after adjusting the strap/head support band and I forget I'm wearing a goggle 3 seconds after putting them on. They come with 2 sets of face foam, one for oriental and one for european faces which helps to eliminate any light leakages. The OEM receivers are fantastic and works really good, Highly recommended if you do not have any third party open source receivers. I think set A will only apply for flyers with a pair of third party Rx. Steward is right, these badboys are replacing my AOMWAY commanders V1. Note to Eachine: These are Excellent, but for your EV300D goggles to be the Ultimate goggles, do consider: 1) Put in the Diopter adjuster like what you have in the EV100D (Only reason I'm keeping them) this will make them usable for EVERYONE instantly instead of fumbling around with diopter lense. 2) Reduce the 7-10 secs long press activation for the DVR function, 3-5 secs is long enough (firmware update maybe?)

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  • 04/08/2018

    Ура! Eachine сделали реально годные очки) Экран большой и комфортный, разрешение высокое, дизайн отличный! Полный обзор смотрите на канале Zbestreview!

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  • 04/08/2018

    Not sure what is going on but I managed to get a set of these goggles shipped to me despite them still being a pre-order and still being listed on the eachine site as coming soon. I hope this is not some Banggood trickery and they are genuine products. All the above aside I took them out today for a fly today and they worked great and I loved the color and reception. Build quality is good and took little time to set them up and get them running. They were comfortable to wear with little light leakage. Although I did find that the head straps cut into my ear a little. I also found that without the overhead strap they were a little heavy on my nose. I did note that as I moved the IPD it did cut off the outer edge of the screen but I just widened them to full and as I have wide eyes the picture was fine. I will try and get to put up some photos and video over the next couple of weeks

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  • 12/10/2018

    je pilote depuis +de 2 ans avec mon quanum v2, les lunette me faisait peur à cause du petit FOV et du prix des fatshark par exemple. Merci Eachine qui avec ces prix grand public m a permis d entrée dans le monde du drone , mon 1er était le falcon 250. Et maintenant grâce à eachine j'ai ma 1ere paire de lunettes et là je ne suis vraiment pas déçu. FOV énorme pour des lunette, très immersive qualité des matériaux, set complet avec des rx qui fonctionne au top, belle image pas de flou. Trop heureux

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  • 27/08/2018

    I was able to put on four antennas, go into my usual flying spot and experience the best FPV flight I have ever had in my one year of flying FPV. I mean not only was there less interference, the range was larger and better too! The screens are excellent. I have 20/20 vision, but I am no spring chicken. The resolution was high, there was no latency I could detect and I saw no artifacts or distortion of any kind. They felt good in the hands and when I put them on my face I was relieved by the comfortable fit! The IPD adjustment was adequate for my face shape and the bridge of my nose did not come into contact with the inside of the goggles. In the box the provided accessories were a nice touch. They included a spare face plate, some HDMI cables and replacement foam for the part that contacts your sweaty skin. The fan was quite powerful and only slightly audible. The controls were accessible and the build quality was high. I was happy to see that it came in a quality case and arrived shipped in good packaging from the warehouse. Good job all around Eachine! See, was that so hard? I bet this release will satisfy the FPV cravings of a good percentage of pilots. There's always some people who are going to complain no matter what, but I disagree here. No product is perfect, but this product does more than kick the can down the road. This product actually sets a new standard for other manufacturers to achieve, if they can. The ball is in your court Fatshark! Competition can be a wonderful thing for the consumer. I'm not a fanboy of any brand so generally I am open to anything as long as it is not overpriced and overhyped like FS.

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  • 11/08/2018

    overall good picture quality, one big disappointment is the DVR quality, not sure how come it is slightly different and unfortunately worst than what can one see in the goggles, maybe the new FW can fix it?

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  • 17/08/2018

    Dobrý den všem kdo umí tohle přečíst. Mám li být upřímný tak za tu cenu rozhodně stojí. Je potřeba trochu opilovat desku v místě kde se opírá kořen nosu, Jsou tam lehké otřepy po odlití. Na moji tvář dobře respektive perfektně sedla jedna ze dvou lícnic Slabší a tlustší. Jinak překvapení! Obraz je mega obrovský!!! a pěkný na pohled. Jako když si sednete do multikina ta do druhé řady :) Je tak velký, že je trochu problém dostat obraz kompletně do zorného pole. Ale po chvilce cviku není problém. Další věc je to, že brýle mají aktivní ventilátor pro chlazení!!! Je tu tedy trochu hluk plus ještě ventilátor pro odmlžení. Májí skvělé DVR opravdu nahrávají pěkně. Jen je trochu noc dlouhá doba než DVR spustíte cca 10 sec samé je nastaveno pro vstup do seřízení obrazu též 10 sec. Je to moc dlouho. Pak už je to ok pokud jste v příslušném menu tak vše funguje na stisk tlačítka. Doufám že update firmwaru to upraví. Dále je potřeba se vybavit dvěma bateriemi. Brýle mají docela slušný odběr takže po 40 minutách baterry out. Set B mohu doporučit . Sice vypadáte jak marťan, (4 antény) ale fungují na jedničku. Celkově se ale jedná o dobrý nákup a není nic co by nebylo splněno co Eachine slíbil. Nebo mne alespoň nic nenapadá. Happy Flight

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  • 05/05/2019

    Darn nice job Eachine!!! Spent a few hours in my new EV200D's today. Excellent resolution and clarity on the screens. Signal reception was spot on, I utilized both diversity receivers with four antenna, 2 - RHCP, 1 - linear patch and 1 v- plain stick dipole. Couldn't have asked for reception. DVR was flawless, produced good video results, not GoPro quality, suits my everyday needs perfect. Colors were great al;ong with very comfortable to wear, did not use the center headband, not needed to me. Love 'em!!!

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  • 20/05/2020

    Muy buenas gafas. Las pantallas no son LCD ni OLED, la tecnología utilizada es LCOS, que permite este nivel de precio. Mientras vuela usted no notará ningún inconveniente de eso, al mostrar pantallas de colores individuales como menues etc. usted notará que los grises no son uniformes, donde la nubosidad pesada a lo largo de las pantallas. Pero de nuevo, esto no es visible mientras se vuela! El aspecto es un poco barato, pero sigue siendo muy bueno. Las gafas me quedan muy bien en la cara, sin que entre luz. Función de grabación funciona como se espera, sólo el inconveniente es que no hay auto-grabación y entrar en el menú DVR necesita una pulsación de 10s de un botón antes de que pueda grabar, lo que me molesta un poco. Sin antena.

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