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  • 2017-07-20 10:56:30

    Zpracování a ovladatelnost v hodně dobré kvalitě, zobrazování a přesnost signálu je v dostačující kvalitě do 100 Khz poté se trošku rozvlní, ale jen průběh signálu časová základna sedí s údaji na dispeji, viz foto. Pro jednoduché aplikace je tento generátor velice schopný a cena velice dobrá.

  • RN6LLV
    2016-03-02 10:21:24

    Finally still got a long-awaited generator. a great device for home radiolaboratorii.Provel first testing with an oscilloscope tested how accurately the generator supplies the set frequency. Everything is perfect and accurately - the device worked perfectly. When using a sinusoidal signal error scanty, with other types of signal error was no more than one hertz. A great tool and helpful seller - recommended!

  • Victor
    2017-08-11 10:23:07

    I received today the FG-100, but the waveforms I see are very strange. Here are the photos of the waves at 10 kHz....

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  • Paulk
    2019-10-22 19:48:29

    Works ok on lower frequencies, however even at 5 KHz there is lots of distortion.

  • 2016-01-14 14:53:41

    checked function with scope. sinewave shape correct 1-999.999 Hz output voltage stable 1-400.000 Hz level falls to half value at 999.999 Hz Square Wave correct 1-100.000 Hz jitter 0.5 uS Slewrate of output is limited to 15V/uS, at higher voltages a triangle or sine is the result. Triangle, sawtooth, rev. sawtooth functio ok. Switchebale funcion is a low pass resulting in significant lower level at 99.999 Hz. Functions and frequency are not continue controlable (run-stop button) DC offset fundtions

  • 2016-12-04 22:40:31

    I was surprised at how well this signal generator worked. The signal is super clean and stable, unlike a cheap one that I built. I am very pleased with it. It is small in size and has a lot of features for the money. It isn't a Pro unit, but it serves my purposes. If you are looking for a cheaper, yet good quality unit, then here it is.

  • Evgeny
    2017-11-19 09:13:40

    Хороший прибор и очень полезный + все работает как заявлено - качество изготовления более похоже на любительское (или мелкосерийное) тем не менее, общий результат не ниже 4

  • jims123
    2017-01-26 17:19:48

    I put the output up on an o-scope and ran it thru it's paces.. and was very pleased with how easy this generator is to use , the amplitude range of the voltages achieved in the various waveforms (with very light loads) and the apparent frequency accuracy for the price.. So, I'm very happy.

  • 2017-07-24 22:56:28

    Excellent product. Excellent seller. Honest, caring and committed to delivery. Product as I requested. I will make new purchases with this Banggood team. Regards, Everton Rubens Martins.

  • hoquang
    2017-07-13 05:41:40

    Tôi đã nhận được hàng đầy đủ đúng chất lượng, và thích nhất là được theo dõi mã đơn hàng trong suốt quá trình vận chuyển


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