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mikes 14/04/2016
Using this on an Eachine 250 Racer with Flysky-i6 transmitter. Range and reliability is extremely good. Price is unbeatable. Two-way data link allows monitoring of Racer battery voltage and low battery alert (using the RC groups mod to monitor external voltage instead of RX voltage - that is the yellow wire emerging from a small notch made in the casing at the joint line in the attached photo). I have tried a Flysky CVT01 voltage measurement module which works well but the Flysky-i6 transmitter does not allow me to set a low voltage alert for the measurement returned by the CVT01 - so the RC groups mod is better in this respect.
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  • BG822503705 hello, please tell me how you connect this receiver to the flight control?

    Reponder 15/09/2023
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    Reponder 27/02/2024
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    Reponder 27/02/2024
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    Reponder 27/02/2024
  • Marcos Brenny W m w

    Reponder 27/02/2024
  • Marcos Brenny Kib22 s hmw b

    Reponder 27/02/2024
  • Marcos Brenny 3 exwswntj.g.ef rbhb fr rs Hu. Ss r3 e 687ut.4h l2y3c 2n2

    Reponder 27/02/2024
  • Madav65 @BG822503705 simply plug a lead into the ibus socket on the receiver and connect to your flight control +5v, gnd and a spare rx input on your fc

    Reponder 18/03/2024
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