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  • 11/02/2015

    I bought this gps with skepticism. Especially for the exam. My surprise was great. GPS works perfectly. I use it with the control board OpenPilot CC3D. Power supply is 5V, change the baud rate is set, for example, u-center program without any problems (I use 57600). Soon I will add video here.

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  • 03/03/2015

    I must say, I did NOT expect that this thing would even work. I bought this for $9.00. I was expecting like a piece of cardboard with that image on it but i got a great surprise. The module is very compact and runs off of 5v. at $9.00 i though you know what? why not. if its crap, at least i can post about it and get some BG points for a review for it. I powered it up and wired it to a TTL to USB board and fired up a terminal at its port at 9600 bps. I was EXTREMELY surprised it was spewing out data! I decided to load-up the u-center software and configured it to the right port and it worked like a charm! even in a house, I got a semi-reliable GPS lock with an accuracy of about 5 meters indoors! for $9.00, this is a STEAL! I'm going to order many more soon for some projects! THANK YOU BANGGOOD!

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  • 11/04/2015

    This item arrived in the UK within 10 days and works perfectly after a lot of research. If you use a BG magnifying glass you will see EGRTVP from left to right. Hook up G - Black to ground, V - Vcc - Red to 3.3 Volts MAX, this is very important. and T - Transmit data - Blue to your logic BG logic analyzer or BG Logic Probe (the best piece of low-cost kit available) Every second on the BG Logic Probe the data out flashes Red high to Green low, so your data is working. Now put it in a window or outside doorway with a view to the open sky. When the Ublox Green LED flashes every second it has captured the GPS signals. Factory baud rate is 9600 bits per second. $GPGGA,163855.00,5135.30532,N,00001.18606,W,1,03,2.59,64.5,M,45.5,M,,*71 $GPGSA,A,2,12,24,29,,,,,,,,,,2.77,2.59,1.00*00 $GPGSV,3,1,10,02,25,097,,03,04,349,,06,20,050,16,12,64,065,34*7B $GPGSV,3,2,10,14,47,262,,24,33,133,33,25,72,274,,29,36,191,25*7D $GPGSV,3,3,10,31,20,303,08,32,07,308,*7D $GPGLL,5135.30532,N,00001.18606,W,163855.00,A,A*7A $GPRMC,163856.00,A,5135.30534,N,00001.18585,W,0.131,,110415,,,A*6D $GPVTG,,T,,M,0.131,N,0.243,K,A*25 $GPGGA,163856.00,5135.30534,N,00001.18585,W,1,03,2.59,64.5,M,45.5,M,,*7C $GPGSA,A,2,12,24,29,,,,,,,,,,2.77,2.59,1.00*00 $GPGSV,3,1,10,02,25,097,,03,04,349,,06,20,050,15,12,64,065,34*78 $GPGSV,3,2,10,14,47,262,,24,33,133,33,25,72,274,,29,36,191,25*7D $GPGSV,3,3,10,31,20,303,08,32,07,308,*7D $GPGLL,5135.30534,N,00001.18585,W,163856.00,A,A*77

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  • 28/09/2016

    I bought one of these based on the great reviews. However, some of the documents are misleading. Mine did not come with what is listed as a UBX-M8030-KT chipset (Ublox M8) in it as the datasheets list. Instead, it only took a Ublox 7 firmware update. So no Galileo or BeiDou. Other than that, it is fast and decent for accuracy. With GPS and SBAS locked, I get about 2-3m error. Make sure you use Ublox uCenter to update to 57kbps and 10Hz. Follow these directions by TuMadre down the page a little...

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  • 23/04/2015

    I tested this GPS with U-center through an FTDI cable. It works great. You can write config data to the module like Baudrate and refresh rate. After resetting baud rate to 115200 and stripping out all unnecessary data it connects and works really well with a NAZE32.

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  • 29/06/2016

    Bought this from the EU Warehouse, arrived very quickly. Use it with my custom OLEDiUNO PCB that I made to make OLED Display Gauges. Receiving up to 7 Satellites indoors. Can be configured easily U-Center software. It is very tiny and lightweight. If anybody is interested I will be offering the GPS Cube and other Displays for sale on eBay and Tindie.

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  • 27/05/2016

    Datasheet here claims a UBX-M8030-KT chip (U-Blox 8) but it's actually an older chip, a U-Blox 7, specifically a G7020-KT. Still, seems like a good product at a great price.

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  • 19/07/2017

    I have mounted this on quadcopter that uses Inav and it was just plug and play. It works and its easy to install.

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  • 07/04/2017

    Bardzo fajny moduł. Po podłączeniu do laptopa (program U-center) działa idealnie. Jestem zadowolony. Przesyłka dostarczona w niecałe dwa tygodnie. Polecam

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  • 21/12/2016

    I have used many different GPS modules from various manufacturers, but this UBLOX module is faster with it's "Time To First Fix" than the others. It is also more tolerant to poor signal reception areas whilst mobile and the inbuilt battery back-up keeps the data for longer. It is supplied with connector and flying leads that make it a breeze to include into your application circuit Many reviewers say that the item is good for the price, but I would say it is worth more.

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