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  • 06/09/2017

    I really like the Kingkong 95GT FPV drone! It flies really well, and runs for 4-5 minutes on my 350mAh 7.4v lipos. Get plenty of extra Lipos as you won't want to stop flying! It is programmable via Betaflight, so it is easy to set up switches on your chosen transmitter. I use a Taranus Plus. I flew perfectly well on the stock settings, but you can set up Failsafe, Mode, Air Mode, Headfree, etc and fine tune to suite your flying level. Purchase the 95GT with the correct receiver to match the transmitter you intend to use. The FPV camera is OK, with some noise on certain frequencies. You can choose from 16 channels The bands are mainly r and F with one A, one B and two E. Selection is by pressing the button under the easy to remove canopy. A double light pattern gives the chosen frequency. The light pattern can be seen through the canopy. As the battery drains, you start to see lots of breakup on the screen - a good battery indicator. I did have to add a spot of adhesive under the camera to hold it in the mount, as the original adhesive gave way, and I also had to focus the lens slightly - just turn the lens a very small amount if necessary. A spot of rubber type adhesive can be used to stop any rotation, but don't use anything permanent. You get one spare set of props, so order lots more as you can break them easily. Make sure that you put the props on with the groove upwards. If you put it downwards the props will break up on take off. Also a spot of Loctite Blue will stop the hex screw from coning loose. You need to get a hex/Allen key to put the props on and for replacing them. Maybe the manufacture will include one in the kit if they read this. As the props are very sensitive to knocks (you can get some heavier duty ones online via Bangood), I suggest using the supplied guards. It is obviously made for a larger drone, as the joining pieces wont fit it, but it works really well. Again, use Loctite Blue on the hex screw threads as they do vibrate loose. The 95GT flies wonderfully! You can set up the modes: Angle for beginners will provide self leveling if you lit go of the transmitter sticks, as well as limiting the angle you can achieve. Next, move on to Horizon ASAP as you get both angle on the low stick movement, and Acro at full stick movement. Flips and rolls, with self leveling, if you let go of the sticks, it possible in this mode. If you have the experience move on to Acro, and you will have full control with no self leveling.

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  • 13/09/2017

    Habitué au 250 surpuissant, j'avoue avoir pris un pied fou sur cette minuscule machine. C'est hyper stable, très précis, les pid fournis sont très corrects. A l'interieur c'est propre, tout bien rangé. 4min d'autonomie avec des 350mah en vol sportif, c'est très correct. Un trou dans la coque pour changer la fréquence du tx video aurait été apprécié et même un pour la prise usb... Pas hyper pratique la coque vissée. Deception sur la camera, gestion moyenne des contre jours ou des lumières difficiles et calage du point pas très bon, c'est un peu flou au loin. Je pinaille mais franchement, c'est du tout bon. Il est bien moche mais le jaune se voit bien en vol à vue et en cas de crash. D'ailleurs pas encore testé les crashs mais je suis confiant. Facile a binder, facile a flasher... Du mal à trouver des défauts. Decoller sur la batterie c'est peu pratique, et le recepteur en sandwich entre chassis et batterie aussi c'est moyen.. Allez je pardonne tout

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  • 26/09/2017

    Super stable and quick out of the box much faster on 3S. If you have a flysky version I recommend changing to ibus. It's pretty simple! Also update BLHeli and put Betaflight 3.2 on it so you can use DSHOT commands so you can use the motors as a lost model buzzer via a switch.

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  • 08/12/2017

    Hello i must say that this quadcopter is really good, however after i crashed it into the wall the vtx fpv transmission is weak and sometimes no video at all and also it flickers alot, i cant even move the quad 2 meters away from me until it goes flickering, and by that i cant see anything because its too much. Also sometimes some of the motors randomly stops and then i need to turn off the drone on and off. Drone looks good and every component looks good, this looks good as new and is expected to be crashed and survive, i used prop guards and the canopy but i cant see why this has happend. i would like to get a new VTX or camera sent to me for free as this is not supposed to happen after 2 weeks. When i first got the quad everything was fine except the motors stopping randomly when i power it up time to time. FPV transmission was great until Date 12.06

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  • 03/05/2019

    I'm really happy with this mini Drone is so small and really responsive this is perfect to learn flying with fpv glasses now i need more battery's because u get only 1 piece in the package & u will have to get a small key to fix the propeller's thanks and i haven't had to pay taxes with your shipping method

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  • 21/01/2019

    so small very compact will try it this weekend

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  • 18/09/2017

    Very fast and durable, much fun flying indoors and outdoors, but: Using balance plug, not jst as in description. Seems that I will have to solder a jst plug for 3s lipos? Plastic box not big enough with prop guards mounted, Camera not exactly in front direction, slightly turning left and most screws a bit loose. Flight time with 2s only a bit over 2min, don't know how others manage to get more time out of it.

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  • 11/05/2018

    A perfect mini machine! 15 minutes after I received the package I was in the air! I'm very pleased with this machine and just regret that I did not buy more than 5 batteries! ;-) I also bought a KK F4 card / 20A esc stack, so when I get tired of flying 2 and 3S, the original card and esc will be replaced... (3D printed adapter plate) Think this will be a sick fast machine at 4S! Hu Huuuu!

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  • 09/10/2017

    Great little beast good quality control before shipped. 1103 7800kv 10A Blheli_S esc

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  • 07/08/2017

    King-kong 95gt is well made small quadrocopter. And its easy to upgrade firmware of flight controller and esc. I also add an minimOsd micro and i can tune my PIDs by using my fpv gear.

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