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BG013132250 05/02/2021
I've just received the boots today, they look lovely and are comfortable on the feet. However one of the studs that the laces come through has come away from the leather already. Dont know why it cost 42e for me to import them into Ireland which brought the price up to almost 100e. Il wear them for a while to see how it goes.
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  • BG531817155 ,que calzo 41 aqui en chile y quiero estar seguro con mi numero que marque

    Reponder 27/03/2021
  • BG531817155 calzo 41 esta bien el numero que puse

    Reponder 27/03/2021
  • BG141651443 hay en santa cruz bolivia sucursal o dienda donde venda eso votine

    Reponder 20/04/2021
  • Tóni_Woodwork was it the first time you had to pay import fees?
    I ordered plenty of stuff, but no import fees so far.

    Reponder 21/05/2021
  • BG393634514 Samething happed to me. Just give it a little time and the shoe will start to come apart a the seams. They are junk!

    Reponder 07/08/2021
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