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GustavR 04/08/2021
Although this drone is not "Pro" by any stretch of the imagination, it's good value (especially if you have coupons and allowances), well put-together, stable enough and the 4K camera and gimbal is good for the class. It also has one of the best carry cases around. My best tips to get the most out of this drone: 1. Calibrate compass and gyro EVERY TIME you take off. 2. Don't fly if you not have strong satellite signal. Avoid close metal structures and other Wifi signals. 3. Forget about 1.5km range. Stick to visual line of sight and you'll be fine (500-800m). 4. Expect 16-19 minutes flight time per battery if you record video during your flight. 5. Learn how to hand launch and land. Without bottom sensors the drone does not always know where the ground is and landings can be bouncy. 5. There is a great Facebook group for this (and other SJRC drones). Go find it and join it. You'll learn a load more than the manual can ever tell you.
Comentarios (7)
  • cavaranni Veramente molto bello

    Reponder 22/08/2021
  • BG504924164 طياى

    Reponder 18/10/2021
  • PryD2 Hi there, I'm in south Africa as well bought this drone and a huge gust of wind took it right out of the air and pushed it towards some trees even though I tried to get it down, it crashed in thr trees till it reached the ground and the battery cane out. So now it didn't want to fly, it starts and still works but thr flying isn't happening, know how to fix it perhaps?

    Reponder 20/10/2021
  • GustavR @PryD2 Oh dear! No, sorry man, I have no technical abilities with aircraft repair or maintenance. The best place I can refer you to is a Facebook group called SJRC Drones Group. Very helpful bunch of SJRC drone owners. Good luck!

    Reponder 21/10/2021
  • GustavR @PryD2 (I am not sure whether my previous reply went through to you). Oh dear! No, sorry, I m not technically inclined to fix or maintain UAV aircraft whatsoever. The best place to find advice is a Facebook Group called SJRC Drones - F7, F11, Z5, S70W, S20W etc. Helpful bunch of SJRC owners. YouTube also has a few DIY videos to open and fix SJRC F11. I don\'t know of any local drone repairers that will work on your drone. Spare parts (if needed) can be ordered on Banggood however. Good luck, mate.

    Reponder 21/10/2021
  • BG253751163 Ifollowed your suggestions and three flights in and no problems at all...solid advice

    Reponder 02/01/2022
  • GustavR @BG253751163 Super! Happy to have helped.

    Reponder 03/01/2022
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