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Martin 05/01/2022
These work great! They are easy to plug in. Setup is simple with SmartThings. No custom firmware needed; they work right out of the box. They are small and they fit right into light switches or inside the electrical box the lights are mounted to. The way my house is wired, most of the lights have the neutral wire in the electrical box above the light fixture, so these work great without having to rewire like I would if I wanted to replace the wall switch itself with a smart switch. I used the SONOFF WiFi devices for a while. My router struggled with 40 smart devices connected in addition to everything else. The switch to Zigbee takes care of that problem while simplifying setup and (ideally, I didn’t test it) using less standby power. The devices also say they work as a zigbee repeater so you might just install some if you have any problems with zigbee devices dropping offline. If they are far from your hub, this could help. I absolutely recommend them so far. I’ll update if they have any problems. So far they’ve been running for a week reliably.
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  • Martin I'm sorry. I wanted to write this review for the Zigbee version.

    Reponder 06/01/2022
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