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quantumq 2020-10-15 17:24:39
This is a balanced flashlight with good build quality. It can run on Turbo for about 3 minutes before it tunes down due to the heat. It appears as though it can run on High indefinitely, in other words until the battery completely drains. There are 4 normal states (Eco, Low, Medium, High) + 5th special state (Turbo), as well as a couple of strobe/flashing programs. The CRI of 90 is very good. When it is compared to flashlights of CRI 70-75, it is simply beautiful, and the hot-spot is very nice and easy on the eyes as well. The compatibility with at least 3 types of batteries is a nice bonus that can be handy in a future emergency. Eco and Low are very energy efficient but High and Turbo can exhaust batteries quite quickly since there isn't much energy for prolong use of such intensities in the AA battery form factor. So a couple of spare batteries should be kept together with the flashlight if it's intended to be used for a long period (half an hour or more) on its highest settings. Real world test on turbo with a fully charged Li-Ion battery at 4.2V gives about 650 lumens and not 800. At Medium, depending on battery type and state, it gives off 50-110 lumens and can sustain that for hours.
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