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Speedy 04/08/2021
UNIWA F60 phone. A problem, the manual is a harmonica folded paper strip, in small lettering, limited info. More in a booklet would have been nice. Because of the limited info It did not work until I found battery contacts covered to safeguard the battery. Removing it was a quest, the manual did not give any info and I don’t want to damage the phone. As novice in the field of internet walkies, I started playing with the F60. Found the ZELLO app, created a username and ready to go. It is very handy for people who want extra functionality Phone + walkie in-one. Truck drivers, Use in the field, or construction sites with the need for communication between people, can make use of the features of this phone, dual sim, work/private phone in one and the Zello app makes it easy to create special rooms/user groups to communicate, or look up an already existing group and join them. provided there is a reliable WIFI network up. The data connection of the phone will provide connectivity but only works through a payed telephone provider. For hobby-users the walkie app is available in the appstore and works without the dedicated PTT button with a touch button on the screen. For a normal phone user it is a bit much phone. It’s size is bulky and may not fit in your pockets. The screen is small, some of the apps like WhatsApp have letters that are difficult to read on this small size. Same goes for browsing the web, things are difficult to read or tap accurately with your fingers. Positive note for this phone is the speed with which the phone navigates through all the items and apps on the Android 9 OS, the quad core CPU performs very good. Other positive thing to mention is the sound, good volume and no distortion with a good quality speaker. The quality of this UNIWA F60 phone is very sturdy and battery life is well above average smartphone battery life. Overall, It is a good phone for specialized use, maybe not the best choice for the normal public, but well worth the money.
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