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ddraewwg 21/11/2020
Took me 3 weeks to decide what rtr to buy. Last RC I had was a Losi LXT but recently I wanted to get back into it and didn't want to spend a lot since I was unsure how often I would use it. Came down to the Arrma Typhon 3S or the BX-8E. My main concern was the quality and workmanship of this rc but after running it for a week, its fine for the bashing I plan to do. It might not be the highest end car out there or the most durable or well made but its a solid car for recreational use. Only casualty so far was a bent shock tower screw. Screws come loose...especially the 2 motor mount screws and none were not installed with loctite so make sure you add some. They seem to be made of a hard enough aluminum which was my main concern. Was worried they would be easily stripped. Wheel hex nuts always come loose too. Buying spares and spare screws as well. Wheels are pretty lopsided but they make for a great bashing set. Pretty soft plastic so can try to bend them back into shape. I didn't bother using the charger but the battery has been fine. 4 cycles so far and they balance well. Still giving 4 stars...the wheels are probably the biggest disappointment but at the price, its a great deal.
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  • BG341138101 thank you for your review.
    Is the instruction manual with component codes included inside?

    Reponder 23/11/2020
  • BG341138101 thanks for your valutation. Is the instruction book and component codes included inside?

    Reponder 23/11/2020
  • ddraewwg Yes there is a manual with detailed views of major sections of the car such as the front and rear suspension, front and rear arms and then an exploded view of the entire car. also lists all the parts packages but Banggood doesn't stock all. Hard to get replacement screws but they are all sizes M3-M4 with varying lengths. Looks like a set of grub screws are M5's. Probably easier to get from Amazon...but as long as you get the right size and type, you should be fine.

    Reponder 26/11/2020
  • ddraewwg @BG341138101 Yes there is a manual with detailed exploded diagrams. It does not tell you step by step instructions of how to take apart and reassemble the car. It only shows you the components and the labels for each component

    Reponder 10/12/2020
  • BG451151525 man I bought one over a year ago and I've only broke 1 lower arm i beat mine really bad and it takes it all I have a hobbywing esc I run it on 4s mostly but I also run it on 6s on occasion and everything has taken it until last week I had a screw strip out of the turn knuckle but I now use it for comp on a track and although its nothing like my losi 8eight xe elite it holds its own and I honestly out run a lot of people that have way more into their competition buggy lol I say 10 out of 10 still running everything stock aside from the esc and a heavier diff fluid

    Reponder 30/12/2020
  • Lauland mine came with a defective Battery pack and banggood has told me to fix it.

    Reponder 29/06/2021
  • Lauland customer service is going to pay me for a new battery they told me to tell them how much it would cost and then I can buy it for my self, The first answer was for me to fix the battery with a lower cell I been waiting for the new battery I purchased Already. I hope the car is tough and Duran ppl 0⁰

    Reponder 12/07/2021
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