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cpassuel Thereis no firmware update for this, however there is a mod to change firmware but you need to replace the MCU. Search Reverse engineering FNIRSI-5012H on Google (cannot put links in answer)

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Q: Can I change the shape of this foam with a heat gun? Like EVA foam?

Preguntado por Snowandcakes sobre 2018-08-02 16:18:35

cpassuel Ididn't try but I don't think so. You can cut it

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cpassuel Probably the micro controler, you can replace it but you will have to upload the program into (not sure it's open source) with an arduino. The tester is cheap os it's easier to buy a new one

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Q: How would I install limit switches?

Preguntado por jwschull sobre 2020-05-20 18:02:28

cpassuel There are lots of video on youtube, just search for 3018 cnc limit switch. I'm planning to add limit switches myself

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Q: Does it work in Linux?

Preguntado por marcovirtual sobre 2019-07-14 00:32:48

cpassuel I have a very similar dongle (if not identical) bought on ebay and it's working on ubuntu. Weird thing it's only working on UBS 3.0 not on USB2 connector. It's not an OS issue because I have the same ... Ver Más

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Q: Can you cut alu profile 20x20 to specific dimension? Like 575mm? Thanks.

Preguntado por matic.tramte sobre 2020-04-09 01:19:36

cpassuel Yes you can, it's better to have the proper tool like a miter saw with the right blade if you want clean and precise cut

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Q: Can you adjust the tightness...friction of the sliding block on the rail?

Preguntado por richard sobre 2020-03-29 15:19:39

cpassuel Not really, but you can lube then or replace the ball bearings. Check Alex Kenis's video Cheap linear rail part 2: superlube and proper bearings on youtube

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cpassuel Yesbut it may be confusing to have same color for both plus and minus.

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