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Andrei_BG168147150 I think the axis is a bit tilted because the tail is a little bit bent from fabric and the rotor is not fully vertical. So, the rotor (which tends to be vertical when flying) is determining the position in the air…

Tim 16/06/2022
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Andrei_BG168147150 No, it’s about using left or right stick for throttle. Usually it’s the left stick for throttle (and nose direction) and the right stick for drifting all directions.

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Andrei_BG168147150 True. It’s because the plastic tail is a little bit bent and the rotor isn’t exactly on the vertical position. Eachine should solve this issue with future models…

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Q: Does it have remote control? How do you control it?

Preguntado por Andrei_BG168147150 sobre 2022-06-15 11:40:48

Shinyvic Green environmental protection solar power supply, manual control.

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