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Flightofideas 22/12/2021
My Wowstick DS Combo set arrived today which was a great surprise as the delivery time from China to the United Kingdom was amazingly fast. The items were securely package and came to me in perfect condition despite the many miles it has travelled. Banggood should be proud of themselves and their delivery service, which is first rate in my experience. It brings a smile to my face thinking that I now own two wow sticks. First of all, I would say, that I love the name of this set. When my screw drivers arrived, I did indeed say wow! This is a quality product that comes well packed and in a super presentation box. The box itself is really robust and, as importantly, it is easy to store. Everything you need is here for general household tasks and finer work on computers, electronics and drones. I tend to do a lot of quadcopter building and this set will be a massive help. It is so frustrating to have to hunt around for the right tool to complete a job. I was particularly impressed by the ergonomics of these tools and the clever storage of the bits in the larger model. There is a really cool arrangement where bits are stored inside the driver and attached to a magnetic spindle, an amazing idea. The smaller model has a separate storage area in the case which again is convenient and makes it easy to select the appropriate bit. The range of bits is ideal and will cover any likely DIY challenge. The finer tool again is very well balance and perfect for getting into really tight spaces to complete more delicate work. There are 20 bits in all (10 large and 10 fine) and these seem exceptionally good quality. I particularly like the thought that has gone into the bits that were selected here. There is something here for any job, big or small. You really need this set if you are the type of person that can never find the right screwdriver when you need one. I really like the fact that these screw drivers are manual which means it is easy to judge the correct level of torque to apply to jobs. No need to charge these up. Straight out of the box, put in the easy to find bit and away you go. The weight and finish of these products just screams quality. The metal finish and style of these tools are really well designed, and, they have a really good weight and balance to them. The grip is really good with a solid anodised coating. I would like to raise some negative points at this point, but I cannot find any.
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Flightofideas No, just type Darwin into your browser!

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Q: when Will it be ready exactly?

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Flightofideas Tomorrow.

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Flightofideas Yes by post production else turn the camera and save yourself a pain.

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