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Q: Hello, can I install this board to AWD MA-010?

Preguntado por Sloper sobre 2020-10-11 04:00:42

UrbeanFloozy Yes,but AWD using this board will have a small steering angle problem

2020-10-21 10:28:17 Servicial (1)
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Gitag Kyosho’s lamp kit is for SPORTS series, SPORTS accessories cannot be used on ASF motherboards,you need to modify the wiring yourself

2020-11-19 07:37:17 Servicial (0)
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Sloper I upgraded my Mini-Z AWD MA-010 with this board. Its well fitted to the place, soldering was quite comfortable. Pls see wiring on pictures. Tricky part was a servo wires: pot motor: 1) Pot - you should cut the wire, which joint 2 contacts of pot and solder to vacant contact the third wire. Then you a good to solder all three to the board. Pls take a look on pictures which wire comes where. Looking on to the picture: - on the pot - green, orange, black. - on the board - black, orange, green. 2) Servo motor - red wire to , black wire to --. (as its might be different due to different amount of servo gears at 010 and MR-03) Battery ans switch contacts are shown wrong on photo on the BG page. Correctly is: from ICS connector to right: S1, S2, B , B-. Its was indeed the issue with Kyosho ASF transmitter and board with smaller angle of steering. But after binding to DasMicro TX ASF module all become normal and super. Friend of mine fixed this issue with Kyosho ASF TX by programming the board with ICS software. He just chosen MA-010 profile, written to the board, and problem was solved, he said. Good product.

Sloper 07/11/2020
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