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Q: does this need power supply

Preguntado por BG134643136 sobre 2021-11-24 06:19:34

ehetlos the power supply for this product is included (220V to 12V with ~ 2A current.) ... I have bought two of them and noticed that in WiFi mode the reception is not good (despite the 5 antennas)...(one is working via cable which works perfectly and the 2nd via wifi which shows up connectivity issues even the wifi extender I used) all the other features are excellent and I recommend it.

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Q: What is the highest voltage I can use this with?

Preguntado por BG103311111 sobre 2021-08-11 07:54:45

ehetlos I am not sure to answer this question but let's put it this way... I t depends the current you indent to handle which is most I=(V) devided (R) or P = I x Y... for my application I choose those to support 12V with 3A current which is good enough ... If you increase the (V) obiously the current must be lower ... I can say to you that 12V with 5A is safe... BUT I am saying that more electric power is not supported by this device. I could use it safely with 12V &3A so as not to reach limits... from my experience BR de SV1GSW Dimitris

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Q: preciso ligar uma geladeira, será que esse funciona?

Preguntado por BG144924022 sobre 2021-05-24 08:36:09

ehetlos no, eu no recomendo, a geladeira no funciona com ele. Comprei o outro (ID: 1367778) e com boas baterias funcionar confortavelmente

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