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markbognor@BG946101513 Hi there, they are made like these using the black version of the metal truck wheels.

markbognor 03/12/2021
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Q: will this fit a jjrc 65?

Preguntado por BG121044154 sobre 2021-11-29 07:55:46

markbognor No they are much too large. The Q65 uses WPL style upgrade springs.

2021-12-28 08:08:19 Servicial (2)
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Q: Will these go on a JY66?

Preguntado por IgWannA sobre 2021-11-18 05:09:14

markbognor No that Jeep does not use the 5mm hex axle fitting. These wheels will fit WPL, Fayee, JJRC, MN etc cars that use the same axle fitting.

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