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Ralf The voltage of 3.6 volts is OK. Basically, a battery with a lot of mAh is better. You can use 5200 mAh.

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Q: does it cut acrilic?

Preguntado por Pedro Tainha sobre 2019-02-14 01:43:59

Ralf You can use. Have tested and worked it myself. It is important to use low speed.

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Ralf No, The problem comes from the driver that needs to be installed. Without drivers, the module does not work.

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Q: Does everyone have a reaction like the guy in the picture?

Preguntado por FlyingHighh sobre 2021-11-10 01:42:04

Ralf No, about a voice broadcast has only the model Mustool MT007 Pro En

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Ralf The answer is yes. Have this module used in different circuits. Set value is maintained.

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