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gke00 Motors now tested 12.3V using a 3 blade 5045 Dalprop Cyclone. First run 590gm thrust on three motors and 570 on the fourth. Second run 720gm on three motors and the fourth variable from 670-700gm. I think the bearing lubricant was stiff for the initial run explaining the increased thrust. The fourth motor is suspect so looking for a well matched set in the same batch seems unreliable. Not seeking a refund.

gke00 06/01/2022
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Q: Does the Tx come with the antenna show in the pictures?

Preguntado por gke00 sobre 2021-09-08 06:44:57

dengjunbao now the 915tx module will come with the 915MHz ETIN Loop Antenna

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Q: do you price match as these are $11 elsewhere?

Preguntado por gke00 sobre 2019-05-12 06:48:43

LaDtheK Nope

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