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Q: Does it have diesel engine sounds?

Preguntado por zeronino sobre 2020-10-06 01:02:14

BG575345735 comes with two sounds. but you can download your own.

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Q: Which is the right electronic speed controller i need to buy to make it work?

Preguntado por domenicovanzella sobre 2020-11-11 08:52:46

zeronino 30 or 40Amp water-cooled ESC from

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zeronino The motor driver and the electronic speed control are one and the same, it has three wires that connect to the motor, two wires that connect to a battery, and a three-wire plug that connects to an RC receiver, or a servo tester to control the speed. If the motor spins in reverse, just swap two of the wires that go to the motor, the RC receiver or servo tester will make the motor turn proportionally. That means that you can adjust the speed.

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zeronino Buytwo 30Amp speed controllers and plug them into the motors, plug Lithium batteries into the speed controllers and you're in business. I use servo testers to control the speed of the motors, they plug right into the speed controllers.

ImFrankFrank 11/11/2020
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Q: Is this a power amplifier? we don't see audio inputs provision.

Preguntado por Sandeep Devasthali sobre 2020-03-12 05:20:16

zeronino It's a power amplifier, but it needs a pre-amplifier to control tone and volume.

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