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Q: Looks great but there is no info about the max temperature produce by the furnace.

Preguntado por fabriceeischen sobre 2020-08-16 03:32:08

tflorian not sure .. But on product 1682618 this product is described as "3KG gold melting furnace with shield net" and on this other product it's seems to be 1100°C (for 220V version) - but no data about the power on the other one :'-( Both have the same volume (3Kg gold)

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tflorian How could you be sure it's the same product ? Amazon is not Banggood !And 1100°c for 1h is more than 850°C .. so why did you say 850°C ? (why not 950°C ?)-

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Q: are these rings from lord of the rings?

Preguntado por nespace sobre 2019-09-06 03:13:42

tflorian according description it should : "2 x Rings"

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Q: are the pixels connected in the array or do they need to be wired?

Preguntado por rich sobre 2019-01-01 03:38:28

tflorian RanTalbott is true "they need to be wired" and one by one (have a look on the back of one "pixel" and user pictures ... ) -> This way you can "chose" the usage : Nice If you need an array have a look on 1209750 product for example (8*32cm or 16*16cm -> 256 Pixels )

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Q: Is a updated version ?

Preguntado por thomas sobre 2019-09-02 12:46:17

tflorian This version is FHD -> the LCD is "1080p" -> resolution is better than the 1st version (1080P = 1920x1080 pixels) In fact XY is 57μm (1080p) the 1st generation has only 100μm (HD) The working area is a bit bigger for this one : 110mm*61.8mm*125mm Build Volume (Old = 98*55*125mm build volume) this version is "bluthooth complient" (see description & videos)

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tflorian apparently you should have a silver ball (from ball bearing ?) on the to of the motor ..(see picture)one last thing : For me I don't understand how this motor can spin ... for outdoor usage - For indoor usage you have to put the light source in "the right place" Florian

TERRY 03/07/2018
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