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Saxphile The phone does work fine on AT

AndrePhilippe 2018-02-19 22:06:12
Not only is this phone an absolute bargain in terms of specs and overall performance, and not only does it have a stunning display that doesn't look out of place even next to current flaghips; it also works fine on North American LTE frequencies and bands! (if the box and the company specs were to be believed it would only work for voice and SMS in America but it works on almost every carrier in Canada, except Videotron...) These are the supported bands and frequencies that it is actually capable of; EGSM 900 DCS 1800 PCS 1900 GSM 850 WCSDMA IMT 200 WCDMA PCS 1900 WCDMA AWA 1700 WXCDMA CLR 850 WCDMA GSM 900 LTE bands: CDMA band 0 (north american cellular band) CDMA band 1 (north american PCS band So it will work pretty much everywhere in the world! I read multiple reviews stating the back cover is plastic; it's not, it is thin and when you tap on it it kind of feels a bit hollow, but I tried scratching it with a pocket knife and it remains unscathed; it's glass. Whether it is tempered or not I cannot say for sure but it is definitely glass. Reviews complain of slow auto focus on the camera, apparently it was worse before the update, my phone was delivered with build version S8_20171018 which is the latest version and though there is still a lot of work to do on the software tweaks (especially on video which is basically unusable) this is definitely a quality sensor and is capable of very fine images but focus is still a challenge that I hope will be overcome in the promised android oreo release. I have experienced some audio cutting out on bluetooth playback in vehicle, very intermittent and seems to be from external interference and I am hoping this will also be resolved via software update. A real winner in my book in spite of the minor shortcomings, I've had it for a week now and so far zero regrets.
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