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lightness Yes, there is a pressure sensor. Yes, you can pump the bike wheel from scratch. Yes, you can choose the pressure (up to 10 atmosphere) in advance and the pump stops automatically at reaching that value. Your message sounds as if you have not read the catalogue of Banggood completely. At the first page you should scroll down to and read "Specifications" and "Overview". See under "Overview" the "Operation steps". After Step 3 the pump screen shows the value of the pressure of your tire (so you can choose after that the value you desire). The "Operation Steps" are part of the enclosed manual that comes with the pump too.

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Q: Can it work wired (data through usb cable "plug and play", not bluetooth)?

Preguntado por BG166141115 sobre 2021-04-23 09:26:48

lightness There is no need for "wired", it works wireless with wifi and without bluetooth. There is ap paper added with instructions how to make wireless connection.

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