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Q: from where i can download the programming software?

Preguntado por Mark0219 sobre 2021-04-05 03:02:43

Luq5289 just type on browser that gyro software. find tarotrc site that u can download

2021-04-06 12:41:59 Servicial (0)
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Luq5289 7 inch n 9 inch only for display... small or bigger... about ram i also need to know is it true 4gb ram... i already buy 1 with my local seller that claim its 4gb ram but when i check via cpu-z it only use 1gb ram...😅😅😅

2021-02-18 05:03:05 Servicial (6)
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Q: is it original riitek devives??

Preguntado por Luq5289 sobre 2018-08-02 02:44:24

Archipe lago yes

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