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Q: When will be available in stock?

Preguntado por ToughG sobre 2019-01-09 01:33:33

kilncker It's available right now

2020-11-12 11:21:55 Servicial (0)
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Q: Is a lipo bag like this with several compartments in a bigger size available?

Preguntado por SilverSurfer sobre 2019-03-07 09:26:24

kilncker For small size only but you can find the big size on other design

2020-03-11 03:42:53 Servicial (0)
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Q: Is this USB 3.0? Maybe I need to look a little harder for the datasheet

Preguntado por jacksoncarson sobre 2019-06-06 10:06:13

kilncker Not USB 3.0

2020-03-11 03:41:19 Servicial (0)
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