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VirtuousAlchemist worked great initially, but have now ‘lost’ a considerable amount of volume in the right earbud. Vendor didn’t bother request the additional information they ‘required’ via the appropriate ticket status page, only a notification that the ticket had been closed as it was over 7 days with no response. Something to consider prior to purchase

VirtuousAlchemist 11/09/2021
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VirtuousAlchemist That would depend on many things…material, single or multiple passes, etc. no idea on a comparison to any other machine. I have only used this one

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Q: Can I engrave with this laser on black aluminium?

Preguntado por lazageorge sobre 2021-12-09 12:33:46

VirtuousAlchemist It will remove the coating off the aluminium. It won’t engrave, or etch, the aluminium itself. I’ve tried covering the aluminium with various materials, to get the engraving into or onto the aluminium itself, then removing the covering, but the results were far from acceptable. (If you’re looking to leave the black around your engraving, this should give a great result.) I have gotten good results on brushed stainless though. Pretty sure there’s an example of the stainless in my review

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