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Bricola Hello,this module is equal to the W3230. I found a Chineese - English manual : that tells P6 = Hight-temperature Alarm (-55°C to 120°C Factory is 120°C) , P7= Data Lock (On-Off Factory is OFF) , P8 = Factory Reset (On-Off Factory is OFF). Hope this help.

Sanyee73 03/11/2021
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Q: هل تعمل مع 12فولط 23امبير

Preguntado por BG101714141 sobre 2021-11-10 08:29:05

Bricola Hello, if you mean to power the input of the RD6018, it will work (input range power supply 6 to 70V) but the output is going to be under 12V (it is a step down module) and max current is 18A. It is recommended to use the suggested power supply 60V 1080W to have the right efficient PSU.

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Bricola Hello, regarding the specs , the DC power input range is 6 to 70V, so 68V is ok. The 1000W is ok too, with an efficency of 95% (only exemple) the max power output is going to be about 950W .

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Q: What type of usb cable does it use. I have a mini usb but it does not fit.

Preguntado por BG353932150 sobre 2022-02-17 12:56:48

Bricola Micro USB is required. It is on Page 6 of the Instruction Manual (click on the "RD6018(W) operation instructon: Click here to open" to get the Manual).

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Q: whats excellway?

Preguntado por BG203611341 sobre 2022-01-11 01:15:25

Bricola Excellway is the brand name. Do not understand your question.

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Bricola The recommanded Power Supply is written into the description, pont 6. See article ID 1750643. It is a 65V (70V) 11.4A 800W.

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Q: Please what diodes are recevier ? Black or white

Preguntado por Tomáš Zadražil sobre 2021-11-02 10:45:37

Bricola Black = Receiver - White (clear) = Emitter

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Q: What is the weight of the ss-331h station only?

Preguntado por BG443136506 sobre 2021-05-02 12:46:52

Bricola About 1.6kg regarding the specifications written on the box

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