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GKruger Disappointed with this product. Bought it to power a light for dart board. Spent money and time to add usb jacks for charging and load. Plugged in my dart light and after a while it stated blinking off and back on. Tried a different power supply on light and worked fine. So it's useless for me.

GKruger 15/02/2024
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GKruger While it charges the batteries, you can't power anything with it. I guess I misunderstood the purpose of it.

GKruger 05/01/2024
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Q: Will it work for 8 volt golf cart batteries?

Preguntado por GKruger sobre 2023-03-15 10:17:29

PupZi Guess not, unfortunately I do not own batteries below 12V to test. But a voltage level below 10V is not healthy for a 10V accumulator so you better look for a more specific one.

2023-03-15 11:40:33 Servicial (0)
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