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petsch61 Is there a chance to label. If necessary, a cheat sheet or sticky tape is also an option.

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Q: show us sizes chart

Preguntado por Terry sobre 2020-10-23 04:27:19

PatrynXX This link might be of some use. they seem to be using a variant of the Euro system, but Chinese. which is slightly bigger... think I'd go for the bigger size for me as I'm 11 and as 45 = 10 and a half (guess I can't use the slant between 1 and 2) in the usa... I used bing and just searched shoe conversion chart and picked the first link one that is like shoesizes dot co

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Q: give me lokeshion

Preguntado por Md Rone sobre 2020-01-14 08:44:29

PatrynXX I'd assume lotion. Bit small for that...?? lol give it some ice

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PatrynXX Finally someone had it with the Green board setup. Alas the battery for 2 AA's will never work with this so I'd need the molex instead. which I don't have. and should be included in the set. The Red board was a fantastic light show for music. Wanted a second one but never got it. have 4-5 of these green ones at home.

pietro.salvato@gmail 20/08/2019
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Q: Is there a US plug version?

Preguntado por Charlie sobre 2019-05-03 09:16:21

PatrynXX Nope. :(

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PatrynXX your photos gave me the idea to put my arduino 9 volt hook up on mine. that works. thought for sure I bridged something so didn't want it on ac power. dc sounded better. :)

Max Klaxx 23/03/2018
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