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crmaris 21/09/2021
The chassis of the duster is made of plastic, not of the best quality. Still, the assembly quality is good. The buttons look cheap, but they operate well. After all, it is not a keyboard. The top button is to start the duster and with one more press on the same button, you select the highest speed. There are two small LED indicators to show you the current air speed. The bottom button is for the light. Video Review here: It comes with two nozzles, one plain and one with a brush at its end. You can have both nozzles on the duster if you don’t mind. Personally, I prefer to only keep the working nozzle on. How much it can operate without recharging? According to the official specs in the low speed, the big battery provides one hour of operation and in the high speed around 48 minutes. To fully charge it takes quite long, up to 7 hours if the battery is completely empty. I used it to clean the filters of both ACs installed in the lab, and it did a great job! It isn’t super powerful but the small diameter nozzle allows for high air speeds so you will easily clean keyboards, filters, heat sinks, your PC’s interior, and other stuff. The fact that it is wireless makes it super handy for all uses. Just make sure to get the duster with the large battery. Noise Output Measurements 76 dBA in one-meter distance Battery Measurements In full speed, the duster with the large battery lasts for 48 minutes and 38 seconds! This will surely exceed all of your needs!! Epilogue This is one of the few reviews where I don’t crack open the product because I didn’t want to destroy it. You see, I pay it out of my own pocket and I want to keep it as it is, because it is highly useful in the lab. If Banggood decides to send me one for free, I won’t have a problem to fully tear it down 😊
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