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Nicke It's the same as the original heater cartridge. Otherwise it's like the original except the direct drive configuration.

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Q: Will this plug and play for octoprint on raspi 4 or are there drivers required?

Preguntado por BG183848223 sobre 2020-07-29 12:58:30

Nicke I got it working with octoscreen. Info here: Z-Bolt OctoScreen. And here: goodtft LCD-show.BG don't allow url in the comments so use slash in the gaps in the link or just google it as it is.

2020-11-28 02:34:11 Servicial (3)
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Q: Is there any drivers supplied with this screen?

Preguntado por Nicke sobre 2020-11-05 05:16:48

BG435038191 No.It is plug and play. All ok with my raspberry (touch too).

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