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PryD2 Hi there, I'm in south Africa as well bought this drone and a huge gust of wind took it right out of the air and pushed it towards some trees even though I tried to get it down, it crashed in thr trees till it reached the ground and the battery cane out. So now it didn't want to fly, it starts and still works but thr flying isn't happening, know how to fix it perhaps?

GustavR 04/08/2021
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Q: does it have a GPS?

Preguntado por BG321593383 sobre 2021-07-14 04:04:29

PryD2 Nope this model doesn't

2021-07-15 02:09:38 Servicial (0)
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Q: does it has spare parts?

Preguntado por spynexes sobre 2021-06-09 02:49:41

BG112344495 Nope, it doesn't....

2021-06-09 03:21:21 Servicial (0)
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