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Wh0da it's a standard 12v plug, I'm sure the 5v you refer to is smaller. You could change the plug or find an adapter, but unlikely it would work out of the box. The voltage is variable too without a readout, so any movement of the rotary adjuster will change the output voltage and could cause damage to your unit. I would advise a fixed output adapter with a 5v plug to be the better solution.

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Q: Is it only for Smartphones or works with PC also?

Preguntado por digitalvadim sobre 2019-11-13 03:20:42

Hrodelbert Itworks just fine on PC. I only use Sim-Link on PC. Got no experience for smartphone.

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Hrodelbert I suppose not, you'll need another kind of ESC: Bidirectional Brushless ESC (those are also waterproof, but check this always out).

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Q: How much time its take to deliver in India?

Preguntado por SiD sobre 2018-07-31 03:54:05

Hrodelbert Byplane, automobile, bike or walking? No idea, I am not the seller nor the transporter. One note however: My A2 Lite Global had some connection issues with the internet. Better go for a note version.

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Q: qty1 = cw ccw set right?

Preguntado por junwooson124 sobre 2021-07-01 12:00:35

Hrodelbert Yes,you can't change the direction by switching two lines. The motors are specially made for rotating in one direction: CW or CWW.

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Q: is this the same on novice 3?

Preguntado por BG025115133 sobre 2021-03-07 09:01:59

Hrodelbert Pleaselook at the Q

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Q: Hello I've a turnigy 9x, it's compatible? Thanks!!!

Preguntado por BG175132205 sobre 2021-03-11 05:06:58

Hrodelbert Ifound here an answer on Google: Won't work, the iA6B uses the new Flysky v2 protocol, AFHDS 2A and the 9X v2 uses the older AFHDS protocol. Hope this helps.

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