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Q: why do you say 50kmh when in the description you only mention 35kmh ? sales trick?

Preguntado por Eric Van Der Veer sobre 2022-04-17 04:58:04

mmcfly1074 YES!No way in heck it goes 50kph(31mph) even when set to fastest speed. Maybe 10, 12mph tops.-- Has three speeds which can be changed with ^speed selector^ button on remote controller. -- Owners manual (PDF) is here.. www dot irctoy dot c.o.m slash Download_Manual dot h.t.m.l -- had to write it that way because BG will not let me write it correctly.

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mmcfly1074 Two VERY easy solutions....... 1. the way I did it - replace factory power connector with XT60 connector (XT30 better choice because it is smaller) because I already had a box full of 1500mAh LiPo battery packs with XT60 connectors on them.. There are thousands of 1300~1500mAh LiPo batteries with XT60 connector already installed from the factory available all over the internet. ------- 2. Use Deans - T-plug style connector because there's about a bazillion low cost 1500mAh LiPo batteries with this type of connector available all over the internet ----- Either way: BE SURE RED WIRE GOES TO ,, AND BLACK WIRE GOES TO -,, ----- DO NOT USE: 3S | 11.1 volt batteries - you will burn up the factory electronics in this boat. ------- @BG231342832 - they used a special connector on purpose to get people to buy they're expensive batteries :-))

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Q: why isn't the motor cooled?

Preguntado por strayboat sobre 2022-03-16 03:57:06

mmcfly1074 Because it is very cheaply made boat - water cooling system would increase manufacturing cost. ---- You can purchase aluminum or copper cooling coil (for 370, 380, 390 motor) and install it to the motor in this boat (all are 28mm diameter) -- connect intake hose to jet output nozzle and route into the boat and connect to coil --- drill small hole in side of hull and route the output hose through it. ---- OR goto Creative Channel on YT - he shows how to make jet boats from scratch, easy to copy his cooling system design into FlyTec boat. This would be the cheapest and easiest way.

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