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Q: Essa máquina consegue gravar palavras em uma placa de alumínio fino?

Preguntado por BG385546387 sobre 2021-06-23 07:04:56

finarlies Hello, yes this can engrave on aluminium, very shiny alu will be a problem, but I spray shiny objects mat black then engrave then wipe off paint with alcohol. You can buy special sprays

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Q: what is the power factor?

Preguntado por M̐̊͒͒̊̐͜͜͡͡u̐̊͒͒̊̐͜͜͡͡d̐̊͒͒̊̐͜͜͡͡a̐̊͒͒̊̐͜͜͡͡s̐̊͒͒̊̐͜͜͡͡s̐̊͒͒̊̐͜͜͡͡i̐̊͒͒̊̐͜͜͡͡r̐̊͒͒̊̐͜͜͡͡ K̐̊͒͒̊̐͜͜͡͡h̐̊͒͒̊̐͜͜͡͡a̐̊͒͜͡n̐̊͒͜͡ sobre 2021-07-12 04:40:10

finarlies The inverter I bought was 24v to 240v 5000w, you can do the power calculation on that, but the inverter consumes power depending on what’s being drawn

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Q: I can use this nozzles in mist air fan ????????

Preguntado por Murtaza Salumber sobre 2018-06-02 11:33:34

finarlies Yes I cannot see why not, as long as you have the fitting and water pressure to create mist

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Q: Does this computer have a fan or is it passively cooled?

Preguntado por jelly man sobre 2021-06-09 08:06:01

finarlies Pretty sure mine has a fan, it sounds like it has a quiet one

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