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Q: hi this is compatible with frsky taranis qx7?

Preguntado por DoncsiHun sobre 2021-09-28 02:24:53

Snafu Can't see why not - as long as you're on ACCST it'll bind to anything

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Q: hi, what is the difference between international version and normal version?

Preguntado por DoncsiHun sobre 2021-09-02 08:56:30

simole88 if you buy frsky receiver from China store you need to set an international firmware on your radio, otherwise you won't be able to make bind between radio and receiver. I think International version is the best solution...

2021-09-03 04:36:18 Servicial (1)
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DoncsiHun hi, i have a problem with this receiver. i have a frsky q x7 radio. the binding was successfully and the communication was working, but everytime the radio or receiver forget each other after a day from binding. so i have to rebind always when i want to use the receiver. anybody can why? can somebody help what can i do to radio never forget after binding? thanks a lot!

DoncsiHun 03/12/2021
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Q: Hi can i bound to frsky taranis q x7 ?

Preguntado por DoncsiHun sobre 2021-09-10 04:23:55

Easy123 Signal format: Frsky D8 Compatible. Will work if your radio runs OpenTX with Frsky D8 protocol.

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Razor_Popo it's for the receptor compatibility

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